monkey mind

first february batch of faces

i won't lie,
 i struggled a little at the beginning of the new month. 
i had the end of january in sight as a goal, a first step towards 365 faces
but then the first of february came 
and it was just another day.

 i had to go on with my project, 
and it felt a little harder, with a few more doubts... 

it is fascinating how the mind clings to those things, 
the goals, the time, the dates, making life more complicated than it should be. 
the monkey mind...

i am back on track though, 
feeling refreshed and excited to carry on now. 

i'm sure there will be many highs and many lows throughout the year, 
rhythm, patterns, emotions and moods... 
as long as i can recognize them,  acknowledge them
and keep showing up!

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