happy mistakes

i love these 3 worried men! 

the best is that they happened from a mistake. 
i had been drawing men with charcoal
 (in fact if you look carefully you might still see the eyes lower on the cheeks of the one above)
but i didn't like them. 
so i wiped what i could off and started drawing eyes for a girl i had in mind
and then the eyes somehow look so perfectly imperfect on this strange man's face
that i decided to go with it. 

i wiped, tweaked and drew until these 3 little guys appeared. 
aren't they just too cute? 
i just want to hug them and tell them all will be well. 

i love how making mistakes can show me a whole new way. 
these guys are busy influencing more of my work right now! 


  1. yes indeed! amazing... one thing leads us to another...
    magic xx