today is the start of Art Entwined
Misty Mawn's new online course. 

i can't wait to see Misty's amazing creativity at work again.
 yet i'm a little anxious about the course because 
i don't really know when i will find the time to  
do it all and i will be away for two weeks soon.

i will just have to pace myself, to let it go and catch up later, 
to be inspired and do what i can. 

breathe... there is plenty of time :)


  1. Beautiful beautiful work comme toujours!
    and remember....don't take on board the pressure you don't need;)

  2. Oh exciting!! So glad you are connecting with Misty again!! And you will do it in your own time, when you are back...well rested and rejuvenated, or not...but with new discoveries and experiences under your belt!!