BIG news for me people!!!

i am beyond excited to have one of my BIG dreams come true this year... 

i'm going to have my first solo exhibition!!!! 

OH MY GOODNESS it feels so, SO BIG....

i am super mega thrilled AND nervous.

it will be towards the end of the year
so i have a few months to immerse myself 
into building a body of work. 

i need to buckle down, work, work, work, focus, 
paint a lot, paint some more 
and hopefully out of all that work something good will come out. 

it's daunting, exciting, scary and fabulous...
deep trust... i am held ;) 

here is the first painting i have done with the exhibition in mind

in progress

it may or may not make it but i think it's finished...


  1. When it is said at loud there is no turning back!!!! How exciting and scary and wonderful and thrilling!!!! Bravo Cherie !! Maintenant au travail!!! T'aime fort xxx

  2. Magnifique challenge! On y croit tous! Bravo!

  3. Ooooh - I like her Anne. And I am loving your succulent immersion in your beautiful work! Keep showing up ;-)