next month!

and just like that it is october... 

i've been busy with more work in the studio, 
 paintings in progress for my upcoming exhibition which is... NEXT month!!! 

at the moment i am busy with the logistics of it all. 
trips to the framer and the printer; 
choosing, photographing, pricing and naming the paintings etc. 

it all feels surreal and "grown up".
i'm getting very excited and impatient to see it all up in the gallery. 

my show opens on the 16th of November at 6pm

please save the date because of course i would looooove to see you there! 

 it runs until the 5th of december. 

invites coming soon :) 


9 months people!!! 

seems a little unreal and a slightly nutty too ;)
but here is September

92 faces to go... 
keep on keeping on! 

weekly round up

i prepared some collage backgrounds recently
and i am loving working with many layers again.

 i am still having so much fun with these faces.

sometimes i even wonder what i'm going to do next year when i'm done
with this project ;)

i'm mixing up art tools and mediums like crazy, 
it is keeping me fresh and inquisitive, 
just what i need! 

my way of telling my story i suppose... 


with the exhibition coming up 
working in the studio has felt more serious lately
 and i miss the playfulness of just exploring and experimenting.

so the other day i gave myself permission to do just that, 
 it was SO delicious! 
and of course some great ideas came out of it... 

permission to play = always very important

100 to go

today was a big day...

 265th day of the year, 100 faces to go, 
feels like it's been so big already.
this challenge is teaching me so much! 

snippets of each month

some days are tougher than other
but the learning curve, the showing up, the experience 
make it all worth it. 

onward we go ;)
thank you for being in it with me!  


last week we went to the Drakensberg mountains for a few days. 

i love living by the ocean but so much water and wind can
sometimes feel wishy washy and ungrounded. 

so getting back into the mountains, 
into the solidity of them 
is both soothing and strengthening. 

and of course it was my mister's birthday,
we got to celebrate, explore and connect
which made it even more special. 

weekly round up

hey beautiful people,
i've been missing in action here on the blog.
going away makes for a short, slightly mad week...

the faces have kept coming though, 
some more interesting and inspiring than others. 

happy weekend everyone ;) 

in progress

some larger faces in progress 

still a long way to go.

i'm working on 8 of them at once, 
it keeps me on my toes and i am loving it! 

some painted, some drawn...

and just like that we are well into the 9th month... 
too far gone to stop :) 

super grateful that Jeanne-Marie my "partner in crime" 
is still going too and we can keep cheering each other on!
see her august team here.

 onward we go!


i spent the weekend at Roz's studio for a bookmaking workshop 
taught by Sharon from the Printing Press Durban

on the first day we did the book above, 
unfortunately i can't remember the name... 
it now has a cover as well but i still need to do some trimming 
and adjusting. 

below is the coptic book we made on the second day.
i used old painting as covers. 
the idea with the coptic style is to leave the stitching on the spine 
to show, they form a pretty pattern and make it look deliciously handmade. 

i love the book feels and i can't wait to start sketching in it. 

i loved making something 3 dimensional again, 
i realized i am missing that since i have been to pottery this year. 

what a treat to be making something out of bits and pieces... 

it's in the simple things ;) 

weekly roundup

dorky dork, 

big hearted wise fool, 

colourful clowns,

bird watching princess

and dolled up babe... 

the visual story of the past few days ;)