this week

almost the end of the 10th month!!!

300th face, which means 65 days to New Year, 
it's seems unreal... 
this little princess and i had a little happy dance celebration 
that day! 

and then we carry on ;) 


     i'm still here... 
even though i've been very distracted from the blog. 

getting things ready for a very full november. 

but i've love these and wanted to share:

here are the first 7


and this on curiousity instead of passion 
The Flight of the Humming Bird
by Elizabeth Gilbert

little birds

on friday i picked up most of my paintings 
from the framer.

i feel like a mama bird who has all her little ones back in her nest
one last time before she has to push them off the edge 
and hope that they'll know how to fly! 

final touches, naming, pricing this week... 

i hope i will know how to fly! 

weekly round up

keep on keeping on

i was feeling a little green and unwell that day...

this annoyed princess...

this little guy who wanted to be a 10. 
a 10 of what he wasn't sure ;) 
(can you see the ten at the top left) 
but for some strange reason he melts my heart! 

this little flower, power dude... 
all in all a pretty colourful week! 


so last week i dropped all my paintings off at the 
framer to be prepared for the exhibition.

on the way back i started making a mental list 
of all the things i needed to do during that week
while i didn't have any painting to start or finish or touch up. 
(except for the daily face of course) 

and then the choice was made for me.
i got sick...
unwell for 3 days, which meant a lot of rest 
and taking care of myself. 

i don't believe in coincidence and as much as i 
resisted it at first, i welcomed the time out 
knowing it is what i needed right now.

today i feel much better, rested and refreshed!

my bossy little sausage, begging to go for a walk ;) 

this week

lots of blues, and cone heads and big lips...
keep on keeping on amongst the preparation for 
my show.

i'm sensing that after the exhibition it will take some 
stamina to keep moving until the end of the year with these 
little guys, to keep the momentum going even though 
the pressure is off...


this week i had to pick out 70 faces out of 288. 
(thank goodness for my Mister's help) 
not an easy task... 

below is the first pick, 
about 110 of them. 
we had to be ruthless to get to 70 from here 

i wanted a variety of styles and colours 
and i'm pleased with our final choice. 

they are all at the framer now,
the larger pieces as well.
holding thumbs that it all goes smoothly, 
i should have them back by the end of next week 
and then i can put all the final touches. 

one little step at a time... 

a dream comes true...

the invitations have arrived, 
tomorrow i'm taking all my work to the framer, 
it is all starting to feel very real!!! 

and i am so, so, so excited!!! 

weekly round up

just gone through this 
"small eyed Mamas" phase. 
for some reason they melt my heart ;) 

happy weekend!

next step

i'm still working on these little guys.

and quite frankly i'm a little stuck...

this is how far i've gone and the next step will have to be 
a leap of faith because i'm not sure where to from here... 

one at a time

after some research it turns out that the most cost effective and safe way
 for me to have a record of my 365 faces 
in high resolution is to photograph them.
(in case i ever want to have some prints made of them) 

so that's what i am doing a the moment... 
one at a time.

i am super grateful for the photographic courses
i took a few years ago, those skills are super useful to me right now.

isn't it amazing how life works?!

and this is my little makeshift home photographic studio,
chasing good light.

always with my assistant by my side of course

even though she rapidly fell asleep on the job!


the last cheeky few for september, 
onward we go to the 10th month

happy weekend beautiful people!


 a few things i am loving lately: 

i've recently started to explore podcasts. wow!
 there is so much choice, so many interesting things to explore out there.

 my favourite so far are:

Magic Lessons podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert, 
i loved the whole series but if you don't have time
at least listen to the last one where she talks to 

of course i bought the books 


photos from here and here

i haven't started Rising Strong yet but i am half way through Big Magic 
and it's brilliant! 

i love her take on creativity, the way she looks at it, demystifies it and 
applies it to living. 

i also enjoyed this speech

oh and for the "frenchies" out there :)
i have just devoured this book... 
by the SWISS writer Joel Dicker

kept me on my toes and intrigued all the way! 

oh and if i had time i would take this class... 
it looks like so much fun! 
it will have to wait for a while though.

et voila, that's it for now :)